Ita Eng


One windless night together, with some friends and sons.

There stands the Maxxi, of course, night is falling, and Mario Nanni’s lamps,

the chats, of course.

Yet, before all that, there was the company, a simple one,

with the eyes wide open.

Maxxi, Rome

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under the southern sky

Ranger, sculptor, designer, director: together in South Africa to know and tell the Leopard Conservation Project.

Under the open African sky, streaked with the silent flight of poachers’ helicopters during the day, whereas at night it is warmed up by the shining hug of the stars.

In January 2012 will still meet again, under the same sky, to hold an International Workshop on the meeting between art and nature.

Johannesburg, South Africa

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It’s its scent.

When the hatch opens you plunge into the humid warmth hug of the island. It is not the people, nor the sea, but it’s its scent that welcomes you.

Roatan is still the island of Henry Morgan and of his descendants.

It is the island of a sea of transparencies, of turtles, corals and dolphins.

I’m here for an hotel chain and for a friend, who kept patiently inviting me to come, giving me the cue to look around curiously and to breathe in the scent.

Roatan, Honduras

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looking for the hide

Woke up at 4.00 am and then drove in the night.

150 km in the north of Finland towards the Russian frontier without finding anything.

It’s dawn and I’m still looking for something. Suddenly it came: the wonderful sight of the thaw.

Water was overflowing from the woods, from the banks and from the grass swelling quick rivulets.

The tannin made the water red shaded while the early morning sun gilded it.

The water was gurgling in front of me, making air bubbles swirling lazily in the surface.

It’s just an instant: I can go back to the hide.

Vuotunki – Kuusamo, Finland


It all started when we first met. From a shared sensitivity and passion. It came to mind to recall through images, photos and videos, Michele Vitaloni´s artistic pathway.

In his works the power of stance, the plasticity of movement and expression go beyond the Hyper-Realism.

And they are part of his work and success.

Barzanò, Lecco, Lombardy
Royal Geographical Society, London

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