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In principio erat cibus


"In principio erat cibus: Renato Cerisola incontra Antonello Colonna".

Exhibition within the Festival of Photography in Rome

Open Colonna, Ristorante di Palazzo delle Esposizioni • Rome May - June 2009.


In principio erat ...

... then the universe around us became emotion, a taste for the rediscovery of our senses which have been long unsatisfied by the consumerist rites of a life that is too fast, that is always running ahead of us. Then this universe slows down, waits for us, and lets us time to savour the taste. We came in to escape the sad habit of quick and anonymous meals. Antonello and Renato were waiting for us at the beginning of an unexpected journey, happy to show us that there was actually one journey.

(excerpt from Marco Stancati´s Introduction)


In principio erat cibus


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