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Villa Tornabuoni Lemmi


"Villa Tornabuoni Lemmi", Inail, 2006, 2nd Edition June 2007. Two editions Italian and English.

"I spent two days with Renato showing him around Florence, the rooms and the park of Villa Lemmi, we walked through visible artistic beauties and through more hidden ones. We recalled stories, anecdotes and even gossips of the people that used to walk through that same places long time before us. Our intent was to explain why we wanted to turn into a recount the unique fascinating atmosphere of Villa Tornabuoni, so important for our experience at Inail. (...)        This is how this Portfolio came to be, which no more longs to be a recounting of events, but which instead spurs the observer on to look for interpretations and projections of himself. It is intriguing at first, but then it moves you deeply".

(Excerpt from Marco Stancati´s Afterword)





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Villa Tornabuoni Lemmi

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