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international rome film festival

Lancia Trendvisions asked me to spend an afternoon together with the film stars to tell about the International Rome Film Festival.

I spent a few hours inside the Auditorium Parco della Musica, simply walking around and having conversations. I had some shots to capture the mood of the moment, the sites and people who made this event lively and trembling with emotion.


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water colour

The air is thin, the light is wonderful.

The valley is wonderful, and there is a river in the middle of it, a liquid crystal mirror.

And colours, every single colour, plunges into it

while the smiling eyes are wondering around together with the heart

and some boys who were following us, strolling around with us.

Yes, definitely, the next exhibition will once again be on the colours of the water: watercolour.

Lyell Fork, Yosemite NP, California

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From dawn to dusk, a whole day spent together with a Lancia, driving along the roads, chasing secret views, making others feel surprised, and catch ourselves wondering at the sights of the Eternal City.

A whole long, intense day for a personal tribute to the new internet site:


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I used be sceptical about associating photography with painting.

It is because of friendship, of a sudden impulse, that I startedd doing a very simple exercise: combining my pictures with Fabrizio Carbone´s watercolours.

Step after step, the outcomes, the affinities and emotions were incredibly amazing.

This is the first exercise - of a series?

Trentino, Carnet de voyage

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